What are the Benefits of Orthopedic Dog Beds?

Orthopedic beds provide support for your pup's joints and spine while reducing pressure. Learn more about what makes an orthopedic bed different from other types of beds.

What are the Benefits of Orthopedic Dog Beds?

Orthopedic beds are designed to provide support for your dog's joints, spine and neck, reducing pressure and improving their overall comfort. Memory foam is an ideal material for this purpose, but not all memory foam beds are of orthopedic quality. Unfortunately, there are no standards or certifications that “prove that a bed is orthopedic”. But what type of material is better?According to Dr.

Jamie Whittenburg, director of Kingsgate Animal Hospital and veterinarian for Senior Tail Waggers, “Most high-quality orthopedic dog beds are made of genuine memory foam, like a human mattress”. It's important to note that there is a difference between orthopedic and memory foam beds - one is a distinction of what the bed is meant to do and the other is nothing more than a material. Cheap beds made of flimsy materials will not provide the same level of support as an orthopedic bed. A dog of any size will sink right to the bottom of this type of bed, meaning their joints and pressure points are going to be crushed directly against the ground. On the other hand, Big Barkers are made with very high quality orthopedic foam, made in the USA.

The top layer is designed to make the dog sag a little, so that the foam wraps around its joints. The middle layer is a much stronger foam, which prevents the dog from sinking too deep into the bed. Padded orthopedic beds are also suitable for dogs who like to lean their heads or backs against a supportive pillow. It's important to consider issues such as how to wash a dog bed and why dogs scratch the bed before buying it. To find an orthopedic bed that lives up to its name, one of the first considerations must be its material. Often touted as the gold standard for dog beds, orthopedic beds promise to promote joint health and overall well-being for all dogs, from older people with arthritis and dogs recovering from injuries to lean puppies that need a little extra cushioning.

If your dog is always trying to get into bed with you at night, in addition to showing how much he loves you, it could also be a sign that your dog's bed isn't providing the support he needs. However, top-of-the-line features come at a top-of-the-line price, making many pet owners wonder if orthopedic dog beds are worth the money. The term “orthopedic” is supposed to mean that the bed will be comfortable for the dog's joints and will improve its quality of life as it grows and has joint pain. Unfortunately, the term “orthopedic” has become somewhat bastardized to refer to anything made of foam, because it sounds better than a regular dog bed. For older dogs with joint or bone problems, a quality orthopedic bed may help, but research on the subject is limited. From an orthopedic memory foam bed designed to ease the dog's joints to a heated dog bed and a machine washable cover, there are plenty of options for small or large dogs, in addition to a regular dog bed. The unconditional love and affection your puppy gives you is priceless, so to ensure that your dog is always comfortable and comfortable, it's worth investing in a high-quality orthopedic dog bed.

Let your furry friend experience the benefits of orthopedic dog beds for himself - give your puppy a comfortable and supportive orthopedic foam dog bed today!.

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